Why Are Network Connected Home Devices Risky?

The Internet of Things (also known as IOT) is a name given to electronic devices which connect to the Internet, but don’t fall cleanly into either a computer, a tablet or a phone.  It could be anything from a dock lock, a thermosat, dock locks, video games, a doll, a refridgerator or a heating/cooling system and list can go on and on.

Unlike the ‘traditional’ online security products (computers, laptops, tablets and phones), these alternate devices (IOT) do not have dedicated support staff adding and enhancing security as new threats arise.  In addition, the device itself  isn’t usually easy to update and there is almost no easy way to let consumers know that they should be updating the devices for their own protection.

Our team spends all of our time understanding and addressing the security issues in the IOT space.   We performed a quick scan of IOT devices fully exposed on the internet (zero other protection) , for just devices that have known security holes in the software they are based on.   This software hasn’t been supported since 2005, and yet there are still 233,635 devices sitting online , unprotected in homes and businesses around the world.

This is just a quick scan we did of devices using a particular web server software which hasn’t been updated since 2005

In the security industry lingo – this is a huge ‘Attack Surface’.   We are defining new IOT security solutions.

Our goal is to develop and deliver a “Simple, Safe and Secure” solution to allow non-technical and technical people alike to secure their home .

Its time to have “A Cloud of My Own” protection


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