CEDIA – Innovation Alley

A Cloud of My Own has been selected to participate in Innovation Alley – at the CEDIA Expo in Denver – September 10-14 2019.   CEDIA Expo is the event that’s making smart homes genius. More than 20,000 home tech pros and 500+ exhibitors convene for the leading event in connected technology. Receive concentrated access to new products, breakthrough […]

7 Ways to Secure and Protect Your Home Network

The use of Home automation, smart homes, Internet of Things (IOT) devices continues to grow.  This creates more opportunity and risk as hacking bots continue to target these devices as they are easily compromised.  Here are some ways to protect yourself. 1) Make sure that your firewall/router have a strong admin password Slowly, leaving the […]

Hacking into Smart Homes – Easy and Effective

From the Trend Micro report delivered at the RSA Security Conference. This is what have been saying for over a year as we built our Solution to protect the smart home. “Hacking into smart homes is becoming increasingly easy and a great way to steal victims’ personal information, Trend Micro said at RSA 2019.” The […]

An Article the founder wrote on connecting Alexa and your Security / Firewall

Summary is here:   Read the full story on LinkedIn “To add Skills that can control your network security through a Voice enabled device is simply a bad idea. The security and privacy implications vastly outweigh the convenience factor. If you own Smart Home devices (or know someone who does) – Be aware of the limited […]

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