Should your private cloud data always be online?

Like the 24 hour convenience store on the corner, the convenience of having a cloud storage solution that is always online is assumed these days.  (Think dropbox, onedrive, google drive)  But should it be?

Having your cloud files stored on a public web site, invites the probability of attack by the millions of bots, trolls and hackers probing all web facing sites for vulnerabilities.

By having your site online 24x7x365 (always on), time is on the hackers side.   Although you probably will never see it, the battle is continuous.  Your cloud provider will be keeping guard of your site (and the thousands or hundreds of thousands of other sites that are running.), but how much can they spend on your site in particular?

Additional attack vectors outside of their control are the applications that your have on your server, as well as the application and server configurations.  All of those must be patched and maintained – most likely by you (if anyone is).

Large companies can taken on the added security, however you protecting yourself, your family and/or your small businesses cloud files sharing and storage site is unrealistic.

That is why we approached the problem differently.  Unlike your ‘always on’ cloud sharing products (dropbox, onedrive, etc), you own the main physical ‘server’.   It plugs into your internal network (not exposed to the public internet), so that moves everything from the 24 hour convenience store into your kitchen (in a really tiny package).

When you need access (during the evening perhaps), you leave the ‘A Cloud Of My Own’ appliance plugged in.  You have full access to your files – which are encrypted and stored out in the Cloud.   When you are done for the night, simply unplug the appliance.   The files remain locked up tightly in the cloud.  Even if someone managed to break into the cloud storage, the encryption keys are in a secure device in your home, that you  powered off.   There is absolutely no way for someone to obtain them.


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