Premium Smart Devices

The Guard Dog product is built to learn device behavior through a variety of channels. However, we would prefer to work directly with product companies to provide an excellent user experience for our joint customers.

Advantages of being a Premium Partner are:

  • No ‘Learning Mode’ needed for the first time the device is seen in Guard Dog. Protection starts immediately
  • Customers (who have opted in) are notified that an update is available on your website for their specific device
  • Visual differentiation of your smart products on our displays to the Consumer to show your product as a premium product.
  • Visual notification of your products that have updates available.

One of the major attack surfaces in the Smart Home is through the various devices, especially since they are usually not updated to the latest software.  Customers see their Smart Homes as a whole, and need a single place to get the information (or at least get access to the holistic view of their home device status).

If you are interested in joining our Premium Smart Device program, please reach out to us here:

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