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Information Security Professionals -We  are on a Mission to make the world a safer place by protecting home networks from hackers, and would like you to join us.

A Cloud of My Own is a simple, secure Wifi network that you can use to add to / or replace your existing home network.  Getting users to create a secure environment is hard, and we have made it extremely simple.

Added on top, we require a positive acknowledgement for any devices joining the network, as well as an Intrusion Detect System ( IDS ) and  Intrustion Prevention System ( IPS ) specifically developed to protect your Smart Home Devices – cameras, locks, appliances, plugs, switches, toys, etc.

There are no hard coded passwords, and the device is configurable through the simple touchscreen interface.   As a Smart Home /  Home automation protection hub, having the setup through this simple, self contained touchscreen, dramatically limits the attack surface of this device.

We would love to have your expertise, enthusiasm for security, and desire to change the world for the better.   If you are selected to be part of our Security Product Advisory Commitee, we will offer you a significant discount off  A Cloud of My Own products and services.

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