Glossary of IOT, Networking and Security Terms and Concepts


Firewall :  a device designed to protect your internal network (home or office) from the public internet and another networks.    Think of it as your front door.

Router :  a device which  connects your home or office to the ISP (internet service provider) network, which then connects you to the public network.

Lateral Attack :  once a computer or device has been breached within your network, that device is used as a staging ground for further attacks.  These attacks are known as Lateral Attacks, as they are moving ‘sideways’ within the network.

DNS Binding Attack :  a malicious script which ‘tricks’ your browser or other device on your ‘protected’ home / office network in a way that it can then query and learn and exploit your protected network.

IDS: Intrusion Detect System – a system of device that actively analyses your network traffic and/or device behaviour to protect your network.