Cloud Drive Privacy – Volume 1

This should be terrifying for anyone with a business that is storing their files on Google Drive.   There is no such thing as confidential information if the files are on the google drive.

Make sure you understand the risks of placing your creative and other files on the Google Drive.

“Google also retains “a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works […], communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute” your stuff. This license to use your data specifically persists even after you stop using their services. Although they specify that there are some services which will allow you to “access and remove” your data, they are not specific in their terms of service as to which services these are.

Arguably of more important note, this license to use your data also applies to, in Google’s words, “those we work with”. This means third parties, which might include governments, social networking sites, and anyone else Google has relationships with. They don’t specify any further what entities this applies to.”

We think differently.  All of your files are encrypted and decrypted on the device you purchased and own.  The encryption keys never leave your network.   The files that are store in the cloud are truly just a ‘bucket of bits’ to anyone but you and those you authorized.

Think Differently.  Maintain your privacy.

Google privacy source:

Is Google Drive Safe to Use? How Google Secures Your Files Online


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