Another Scary Option – Home Firewalls that have an exposes FTP server

Just another quick global scan of exposed devices.  This time – ASUS devices with an FTP server exposed.  What is an FTP server?  It is a ‘service’ on your firewall that allows people outside of your home, to connect from anywere in the world and request files to be delivered directly to them.     It allows all traffic to flow unencrypted – so anyone on the internet can see what is happening.   This includes your username and password completely visible to everyone and anyone.

Think of it as leaving one of your exerior doors unlocked…. An adding a large blinking sign with an Arrow, and then add billboards announcing you left your door open.

This isn’t something we would ever recommend.   Our guess is that it was turned on by default at some point, and folks have no idea that they are exposed.

This is why we need security devices that interact with their owners is clear, non-techical language.   That is our goal  – a firewall that is Simple, Secure and Safe.      Its time for “A Cloud of My Own”


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