A Cloud Of My Own was founded by Jay Hartley ( ) with a mission:  provide simple, seamless easy to install and use appliances that allow non-technical people to use the power and convenience of “The Cloud” to store their personal files – safely and securely while protecting their privacy.   (Their files, photos, electronic records, etc. Not just theirs, but for both them and their families or businesses).

Having spent many years in technology – and dealing with security in particular – I know first hand the cost – in time, equipment and knowledge – that companies spend protecting themselves.

Unfortunately, you have no access to that level of protection, security and privacy. The same tools, techniques used by individuals and organizations to attack large companies are easily aimed at home users and small businesses. Never mind the files being scanned, searched, reviewed and taken but either legal or illegal means.

My goal is to a make protecting you and your families data drop dead simple – and having access to the files is completely controlled by you.

Don’t want anyone to see your files, unplug the device.   Without you powering on your privacy appliance, the files safely stored in the cloud’s computer are a scrambled (encrypted) pile of bits.  You no longer have to trust only the ‘Cloud’ security, you have the security plus the ‘A Cloud Of My Own’ security layered on top.

Plug it in, power it up, login and start protecting your files.

Simple to install.   Simple to use.

Let’s protect you, your family, your business and your community’s  privacy together.

Jay Hartley

Founder – A Cloud Of My Own