The Power of Community and Open Source

How have we created a ‘brand new’ product in a year that has millions of users throughout the world?

The product is a unique configuration and setup of a set of Open Source projects which have existed and used by millions of users to safely encrypt and store their files onto cloud servers.

Why aren’t more people using these Open Source projects to protect themselves and their families?  To be blunt – despite the tremendous effort to simplify and manage these technologies – it is still a lot of effort and complexity for non-technologists.  Even for technologists – they usually have better things to do then setup, maintain and protect servers for this purpose.  Simply installing a piece of software on a server may provide the functionality, but not necessarily the protection, privacy and security that a completely architected solution can.

As technologists focused on privacy and security, we saw a need to provide a simple, seamless way to encrypt and security your families data files, photos, etc.

What are some of the key components that let us built this simple, turnkey solution for you?

  • ownCloud – community edition server
  • Raspbian – Debian Linux
  • BackBlaze B2 Storage – robust cloud storage solution that is reliable, scalable and affordable.
  • A Cloud of My Own – secure configuration, services, infrastructure and support