Month: December 2018

Don’t leave your smart home devices unprotected

That part of your home or office network beyond your #firewall and #antivirus software, where your “connected things” are left alone and unprotected. This is the current thinking on home networks- leave these ‘unsafe’ devices on a separate guest network. A Cloud of My Own creates highly secure netork for your home automation / smart […]

Putting a Touch Screen interface on Your Wireless (WIFI) device makes it Incredibly Secure

Have you ever experienced setting up a new wifi network at home?   Its enough to make you wish that you had a never heard of the term Internet, nevermind Security or Hacking. Why don’t wifi network firewalls allow for simple wifi setup? First you plug it in its power cord, and then snap the network cable […]

Why You Need more protection on your Home Network

More security risks found with Smart Home devices.  This is a common occurence, as the numer of homes adding Home Automation ( Internet of Things ) devices continues to expand.  This is a perfect reason to have an Intrution Detection System ( IDS ) and Intrution Protection System ( IPS ) in your home. “A […]

A Cloud of My Own selected for showcase at Mass Innovation Nights – January 17th 2019

We are happy to showing @acloudofmyown at the Mass Innovation Night #118! Check out the products being launched and give us a vote 🙂 #SmartHome #technology #IoT #Security #Boston — acloudofmyown (@acloudofmyown) December 17, 2018

90% of Consumer IoT Vendors Don’t Allow Vulnerabilities to be Reported

The Silence Of The Brands: 90% Of Consumer IoT Vendors Don't Let Researchers Report Vulnerabilities. Let ⁦@acloudofmyown⁩ protect you and your devices . Simple installation, simple to use. #security #smarthome #privacy #tech — acloudofmyown (@acloudofmyown) December 14, 2018

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