Why would anyone hack my network?

One of the most biggest challenges we have as Computer Security Professionals, is helping folks who don’t live and breath the dangers online everyday, understand the risks to their privacy and security they are under each minute of each day.

The idea that ‘No one’ would waste time hacking me, is a common facillicy. It is not a single person, sitting somewhere in the world, that suddently decides that your home or small / mid sized business is a great target.  This may happen, but the odds are low.

The basic tools to exploiting the home networks gapping holes are freely available and simple to use with little technial background.   This are simple to ‘unleash’ , as they are almost completely automated.  Think of your home or business every potential access point (window or door), being  continuously being tested by automated scripts.  These challenges wash up against your firewall, through your browsers, and attempt to gain entry into any devices that connect to the internet.   These could be cameras, personal assistments ( alexa, echo , google mini, samsung, etc.) , appliances, lights, heating/cooling systems, etc.

Once these automated script find a way to attached, ( and eventually they will), they will notify other scripts and servers that they are ‘in’ and available.  This is the point that the real trouble starts……

Why would anyone hack my network?

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