Month: October 2018

Newsletter – October 23, 2018

Hi –  Thank you for subscribing to A Cloud of My Own newletter.  We appreciate your interest in security and securing your home and business. If you have one of these models of D-Links – you should be aware of the issue. The D-Link models affected are the DWR-116, DWR-140L, DWR-512, DWR-640L, DWR-712, DWR-912, DWR-921, and DWR-111, six of which date from […]

New D-Link Security Flaws – Won’t be fixed

This remains a major issue in the IOT World.   Once devices become EOL (End of Life), security issues are no longer patched.  It is important to know if your devices at your home or business have moved to End Of Life… A Cloud of My Own devices are updated via the security software delivery […]

Zeek – A Powerful Security Tool

A Cloud of My Own includes the incredibly power IDS tool – Zeek.   Zeek (formally called Bro-IDS) was built by two of the preminer eduational institutes involved in high end computing. –  International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, CA; and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications in Urbana-Champaign, IL.  It was built in the real-world, and has been […]

What is an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) ?

Many people mistakenly assume that when they purchase (or rent) and firewall / router for their home, that means that someone is protecting them from attacks.  Although this is true at the most basic level, certainly it would be the equivilent of putting door and windows on your home or office.  Yes, the most basic […]

Why would anyone hack my network?

One of the most biggest challenges we have as Computer Security Professionals, is helping folks who don’t live and breath the dangers online everyday, understand the risks to their privacy and security they are under each minute of each day. The idea that ‘No one’ would waste time hacking me, is a common facillicy. It […]

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