Is your Firewall giving you the cold shoulder?   Keeping everything it does (or doesn’t do) secret?    Do you feel satisified with just blinking green, yellow or red lights as your only feedback on your home network’s security and your safety?

Isn’t it time that your security devices worked with you and not somewhere in the dark – leaving you guessing if they are even on?

 “A Cloud of My Own” firewall give you simple, clear,  directions and feedback.

No need to guess about how safe and secure your network is.

No need to be a Network Guru

The “A Cloud of My Own” firewall is aways on, always learning about the devices in your home or business, and letting you know it straighforward, non-technical language when some thing looks wrong.   

Do you enjoy lot’s of menus of IP addresses, mac address, IPTable entries?

Neither Do We!

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The first of our series on personal digital privacy and security – Protecting yourself and your family – Getting Started

 Let’s start the new year off right with some simple steps to protect your computer and your home network – Security made simple – Keeping yourself, your family and your business safe – Take the first step (Part 1)

Take the first step to ensure your security and privacy – add VPN protection for your computers, phone and tablets.  One account protects them all.   We use Nord VPN and highly recommend their product.

Get Nord VPN – Learn more here – currently offered at a huge discount



Looking for a simple, secure cloud back up for your home or business computer?

Looking for secure, simple cloud based backups. Our partner Backblaze has a great product. Don’t risk losing your files…. $5 a month to backup your personal or business computer..

Backblaze – Simple, Secure Cloud Based Backups


Privacy and security for Home and Business

Why do the current Cloud Drive / Cloud Files Server fall short?

Pure Cloud – (like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, etc.)

1 ) No Separation of Encryption Keys and Your Encrypted Files. ​

They may or may not be on the exact server, but that one login enables and therefore accesses both within that one company.

One stop shopping for legal or illegal copying and reading of your files

Attacks from criminals worldwide, bots, governments, rogue employees are highly likely, because they know the 2 points above.

2) Continuous Exposure of your Encrypted Files Globally on the Internet

Although these companies spend huge amounts of time and money on security, there is never a 100% secure solution.  Security exploits are found on a daily basis.

By having your data ‘always ready for you on the internet’ (via a login/password), the probability of having your data compromised rises exponentially.  This is know as the potential ‘Attack Surface Area’.  The risk – Always Available (time), Always Available (anywhere in the world). 

Home Cloud Solutions – ( a variety – often from Hard drive or storage companies)

1) No Separation of Encryption Keys and Your Encrypted Files.

One stop shopping for legal or illegal copying and reading of your files – this time in your home instead of the cloud vendor.

2 ) Continuous Exposure of your Encrypted Files Globally on the Internet through your home network

All the risks from Pure Cloud solutions, but no time, money or expertise to protect your files.

3) Requires Opening Up you home network for malicious users, bots, malware, etc.

Home networks should never be opened up for external browsing.  They will be compromised and the damage will be severe.

Can you do this?  Sure.  Should you?  No -> just search for IOT security issues on the web to learn why.


How do we solve this issue:

Our difference is that we add a very small powerful, low cost computer on your home network.  This allows us to perform all the encryption on your home network, only the encrypted files are stored in the cloud.   The keys are stored in the secure computer inside your network.  This  physical separation of your keys and your encrypted files and photos is essential .

By adding this secure computer,  we can provide for you pinpoint accuracy of where and when your files can be accessed remotely.  By default, no access outside of your home network is allowed.  If you are traveling, you can login to our secure site, and request access to your home cloud server.  We will open a secure tunnel for you only to that location from which your authenticated request was made.  This shrinks the time and geographic attack surface area by over 99.9999%.

That is a good overview as to why we are different and worth your support.  Learn more below.

You and your family’s privacy is at risk!  There has never been a more dangerous time for home and mobile technology users.  Malware, Ransomware, Surveillance and Hacking.  Not to mention the same folks that are ‘storing’ your data in the cloud, are using that information to market directly to you.

Transparently encrypts and decrypts your files securely in your home or business before leaving and after returning from the cloud.

  • Pinpoint security access – when you are away from home, we allow you to approve your own access – but only to that particular location 
  • ” Zero knowledge encryption ” cloud storage – considered the most secure type of cloud storage solution available
  • No special application or software is required on your computers and devices
  • Transparently encrypts and decrypts your files securely in your home or business before leaving and after returning from the cloud.
  • The encrypted files are stored safely in the cloud, everything needed to decrypted them stays safely behind the firewall in your home or business.
  • If the cloud server files were to be hacked (or wind up in the wrong hands), they are just a ‘pile’ of bits.  Your privacy remains intact!  (This is referred to as Zero Knowledge encryption )
  • Add Up to 10 users on one account and unlimited devices – each with their own encryption keys. ( Other solutions require purchasing separate accounts)
  • Base Technology supporting 9 Million Plus Users since 2011
  • Highly Secure AES-256 Encryption
  • Low Cost Cloud Storage – from 10 GB to a 100 TB
  • Simple installation: As easy of plugging in a toaster – 3 simple steps
  • Encryption Everywhere: Data in transit and Data at rest
  • Client apps for access and synchronization for mobile, tablet, mac, linux and windows
  • You control who, how, when and where your cloud can be accessed through a simple interface
  • If you are would like – you can also add your own external cloud storage provider.  Especially useful for our global customers outside of North America.  See more here https://www.acloudofmyown.com/byos-bring-your-own-storage/
  • You have complete control, because we have done all the work!  Sign up to Protect your family today!

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Our unique approach to security reduces the attack surface (and therefore your risk) by over 99.9% compared to strictly cloud based solutions. 1


Its a dangerous world and you may not even know what danger is lurking inside and outside your home or office network.  ‘Bots’, hackers – both criminal and state sponsored – are continuously probing your devices – looking for opening to attack. Having your files stolen, destroyed or used for extortion, the risk is real and happening to unsuspecting people continuously.

Our mission is to provide a simple, easy to use solution that encrypts your data, and then stored the encrypted files in a safe, secure, protected location.  The access to the files and the keys to decrypt them stay with you – in your home – safe from prying eyes.

Most security products have emphasized simplicity over security and privacy. They say – Install an app, or visit their website and they will protect your files.

We think differently – our approach is also simple to use, however we add layers of security that you control.  The keys to decrypt and view or read your files never leave your possession.   Instead, we have a small highly secure appliance (about the size of a credit card) that you plug into your network.  Drag and Drop files, or use one of many synchronization app to seamless encrypt files and send to securely to our partners secure data center completely encrypted.

The files never leave your home or office unencrypted.  Were the data centers cloud servers security to be compromised – either legally or illegally – your files are completely encrypted – with the decrypt keys and algorithm no where for the perpetrators to find them.

1. Sans Technology Education: The Attack Surface Problem[http://www.sans.edu/cyber-research/security-laboratory/article/did-attack-surface]

The Power of Community and Open Source

How have we created a ‘brand new’ product in a year that has millions of users throughout the world?

The product is a unique configuration and setup of a set of Open Source projects which have existed and used by millions of users to safely encrypt and store their files onto cloud servers.

Why aren’t more people using these Open Source projects to protect themselves and their families?  To be blunt – despite the tremendous effort to simplify and manage these technologies – it is still a lot of effort and complexity for non-technologists.  Even for technologists – they usually have better things to do then setup, maintain and protect servers for this purpose.  Simply installing a piece of software on a server may provide the functionality, but not necessarily the protection, privacy and security that a completely architected solution can.

As technologists focused on privacy and security, we saw a need to provide a simple, seamless way to encrypt and security your families data files, photos, etc.

What are some of the key components that let us built this simple, turnkey solution for you?

  • ownCloud – community edition server
  • Raspbian – Debian Linux
  • BackBlaze B2 Storage – robust cloud storage solution that is reliable, scalable and affordable.
  • A Cloud of My Own – secure configuration, services, infrastructure and support


Operating out of Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), A Cloud of My Own develops security solutions for Homes and Busninesses.

Companies and Governmental Agencies all have large budgets to prepare for, and defended against criminals, other companies or governments capturing, destroying and compromising their data and information.

A Cloud Of My Own was founded with the mission of helping your protect yourself, your family and your business.

Its simple to install (plug it into your network and plug in the power cord)


Another Scary Option – Home Firewalls that have an exposes FTP server

Just another quick global scan of exposed devices.  This time – ASUS devices with an FTP server exposed.  What is an FTP server?  It is a ‘service’ on your firewall that allows people outside of your home, to connect from anywere in the world and request files to be delivered directly to them.     It …

Baseline Protection – How to Begin (Part 1)

The more ‘connected’ our lives become, the higher the risk that someone with bad intentions could use these devices to capture information about us.  Each connected device (while adding value by simplifying or enhancing our lives )  presents an opportunity for bad things to happen.  Fortunately, many of the risks can be dramatically reduced through …


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