Designed to Protect Smart Homes, and the Families that Call Them Home

A Cloud of My Own is a simple to install device that stops hackers from monitoring, compromising and controlling devices inside of your home. Such compromises allow outsiders to listen and watch what happens in your home, as well as control your environment.

  •  U.S. broadband households now have an average of 9.1 connected devices,” said Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks (1)
  • ​IoT devices will outnumber the world’s population this year (2017) for the first time (2)
  • Unmanaged Firewalls used in homes provide minimal security for iot / home automation and smart home devices.  
  • Intrusion Detection Systems(IDS) and Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS) are rarely deployed in a non-enterprise environment.
Smart Home and internet of things concept. Smart House controls devices like security cam, lighting, air conditioning, radiator and music center flat icons. Isolated vector illustration
Types of DevicesSome Risks / Reasons for a Hack
Security CameraWatch / record video
Smart Light BulbsRecord when you are home
Heating / CoolingRecord schedules
TVRecord when you are home , record voices
Kitchen AppliancesRecord when you are home
LocksRecord when you are home, provide access
ToysRecord audio potentially video

** All devices provide potential location for within your home for a hacker to them begin exploting other devices in your network.

The explosive growth of the Internet of Things and Smart Home Technologies have dramatically changed the potential security risks on both home and business network.

Within the enterprise, these risks are reduced dramatically through enterprise network and security processes and technologies.

In your home, these computers are exposed to a dramatically different environment.   This network is most likely unmanaged, possibly having a firewall with default access credentials, and the machines are commingled with IOT/ home automation devices that have been proven to have extremely limited security in place.  IOT is largely unpatched, unmanaged and ripe for exploitation.


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