Guard Dog

Guard Dog – the Smart Home Network Protector

You deserve to feel safe and secure in your home. Unfortunately, Smart Homes present easy targets hackers. (learn more here) Guard Dog connects to your existing network and allows you to see what is happening (like x-ray vision in the comics) and automatically stops devices from sending data where they shouldn’t.

Learn Why Your Smart Home Isn’t Safe

Guard Dog Advantages

  • Simple to connect to your existing network
  • Shows you what ‘dialects’ your devices are speaking and whether they are speaking in a secure manner
  • Displays “where in the world” your devices are talking and to whom (read more here – )
  • Isolates your smart home devices to better protect them
  • Identifies your devices so it knows them
  • Profiles your devices – either from our existing databases or it learns their behavioral profile
  • Protects – automatically stops communication that should not be happening, while leaving the valid communications active. You are notified of these changes when then occur (or you can choose not to be, you are in control)
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